StudioWhat is the website design and development arm of Greg MacDonald. My other two arms make art. Paintings mostly…see for yourself.

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Brief History

In the Seattle area, I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for a couple of decades. In the 90s I added interface design for software and CD-ROM to the quiver. When the web emerged in the mid to late 90s, I designed early websites exercising long standing Photoshop skills but never touching a piece of code. After the best part of a decade teaching, I returned to website work in 2009.

At this point I realized several things:

Websites got stale when not updated regularly. They were liabilities when people could not maintain their own content.

Content on many sites had become overly complicated and the pathways to the content obscured by cobbled together appendages from assorted designers.

I would have to teach myself how to be a one man shop. Design, build and then teach clients to maintain their own sites.

I would have to find a good content management system.

Since the web was ever evolving, I would have to keep learning and evolve with it.

I wanted to work for people and organizations that do good work and believe in what they were doing.