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The mission of Liminal Somatics is to share practices for engaging the core values and collective understanding that empowers compassionate action in the world.

What Task:

Design and build a website that would showcase David Weinstock’s philosophy, methods and teaching. It would organize for the viewer David’s message and give clear paths to the material based on the interests of the visitor. It would allow participants to register for workshops and classes. It would be easily maintained.

What Solution:

I designed a mark and typography and chose colors as keystones for the look. I created custom edit panels for events to keep them consistent and easily maintained. I built registration forms that can be updated as needed.

What Else:

I originally designed this site in early 2009 and built it in Joomla. In 2012, I converted it to WordPress to make it easier to manage and update. The basic design was retained but the messages, content and pathways were refined.

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